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dear god, it's been ages!
freaked out bill
1. Oh my sweet Lord, I haven't posted since September 2010. Nooo! I've really been neglecting the whole "maintain a web presence in order to shamelessly pimp let people know about the webcomic once we've actually got it up and running and any other projects." Time to friend/add people!

2. That webcomic mentioned in my first entry is still a thing. Still very much a thing. Our fabulous artist, Kristen, has a full and busy life and she's juggling lots of projects. But it's definitely happening.

The comic itself? It's a buddy show, in webcomic form, about rebel fantasy creatures living on a dystopian world. IN SPAAAACE. The buddies are a drug-addicted manwhore elf and a neurotic merman who can't swim. If you like your buddy stories homoerotic as all get-out, than boy, do we have the webcomic for you. Eventually.

3. In the meantime, here, have one of Kristen's drawings of one of our supporting characters, Carmen:

4. One of Kristen's other projects is blogging about food politics -- eating locally, farming ethically, that kind of thing -- at You can find her posts here.

5. I submitted a script to the Nickolodeon Writing Fellowship. If I get in, I get staffed on a TV show. They only pick four people a year. Ulp.

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